The last words / 最後の言葉 / 銀河系最強のロボット

Title : Flames to squid type of spacecraft narcissist No〈炎上するイカ型宇宙船ナルシスト号〉



Again, this Mission was impossible for me.  You say that wasn’t my responsibility, in fact certainly the amount of Plutonium was not enough to overwhelming.  I can not blow up the Planet.  Nobody can avoid this Planet is rearend collision on Earth.   What I would burn out ahead just before the global explosion is the most unfortunatery.  Everyone believed that there is no emotion to me, I was also under the guise of it.  Let me become, so to say it is not necessary anymore pretend,



Much, Much, I loved you



In downtown streets, one girl murmured while looking up the sky ,

Me too, much,mu…


The last words.






ずっとずっと 愛していた  キミを